viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

Video of my talk "From Kernel Space to User Heaven" at Nuit du Hack 2013

I'm working on a stable release of OSfooler (that will be published at BlackHat Arsenal USA 2013). As you know, this tool will be a practical approach for detecting and defeating Active and Passive remote OS fingerprinting (tools like nmap, p0f, Xprobe2 etc.) and commercial appliances.

Some cool features are that you won't need any kernel modifications or patches, it will be able to emulate almost any OS and will be capable of reading nmap and p0f fingerprint databases. The process will be transparent for the user and undetectable for the attacker.

Meanwhile, if you missed my talk From Kernel Space to User Heaven, you can see it now on Youtube (all the materials and the examples I showed will be available soon):

You can watch the rest of talks at Nuit du Hack 2013; they are now available on the HZV Youtube Channel.

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